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Dear Clients and Friends,

We are delighted to welcome you back to our expanded and refurbished studio at Seymour Street, now fully re-opened.

Our Pilates Studios are of course compliant with all current government guidelines, but we need to remember that there are clients who will be more vulnerable or worried – please be considerate of the people around you.
Covid cases are rising again in London. These have been concentrated in younger age groups, but while these rates of infection continue to rise, we would like to exercise caution.
This rise in new cases also means many people having to self-isolate. If you’ve had to do so, I know it’s hard, but thank you, as you really are helping to reduce chance of transmission of the disease to your Pilates peers.
We can guarantee you our determination in keeping the studio clean and safe for everybody. Thank you for thinking of others and for all you are doing to stay safe when doing Pilates.


Alan Herdman talks about Pilates training and the importance of posture. Video courtesy of Palace Gate.

The Guillotine Tower promotes whole body movement

Benefits of Pilates

You will see and feel the difference, developing a flatter stomach, improved posture and looser, more flexible joints. The perfect exercise for a 21st-century lifestyle, Pilates works as an antidote to days spent hunched over a tablet or smartphone, driving in rush-hour traffic and carrying heavy bags.

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About Alan Herdman

One of the world’s foremost experts on Pilates, Alan set up the UK’s first-ever Pilates studio after working in New York with instructors who’d been trained by Joseph Pilates himself. Alan is in demand as a lecturer worldwide, and is the author of several books on Pilates.

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Pilates is for Everyone

We work with clients of all levels of fitness, ranging in age from 12 to 90+! Pilates can help to alleviate all kinds of injuries and chronic complaints, and is particularly effective at treating back pain. It is also helpful for pregnant women.

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Pilates Teacher Training

The Alan Herdman Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course trains students to develop high levels of expertise as teachers of the Pilates-based method of exercise.

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