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Dear Clients and Friends,

We are delighted to welcome you back to our expanded and refurbished studio at Seymour Street, now fully re-opened.

Our Pilates Studios are of course compliant with all current government guidelines, but we need to remember that there are clients who will be more vulnerable or worried – please be considerate of the people around you.
Covid cases are rising again in London. These have been concentrated in younger age groups, but while these rates of infection continue to rise, we would like to exercise caution.
This rise in new cases also means many people having to self-isolate. If you’ve had to do so, I know it’s hard, but thank you, as you really are helping to reduce chance of transmission of the disease to your Pilates peers.
We can guarantee you our determination in keeping the studio clean and safe for everybody. Thank you for thinking of others and for all you are doing to stay safe when doing Pilates.



If you have a regular class/appointment we will see you at your usual time.

If you wish to book your class for the studio in Canary Wharf please write to [email protected], for the studio in Seymour Street, please write to [email protected].

See you soon.

Best regards,

Alan Herdman

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We are pleased to announce that our studios are now open, with new arrangements for everyone’s safety as follows:Marble Arch Studio
To ensure social distancing there are a limited number of clients at the studio at any time. Currently we are running two 1-hour 1.2.1 classes and one 1-hour 2.2.1 class every hour, so there will be a maximum of 4 clients in the Seymour Street studio. To book your class please click here to email us.
For new procedures for the Seymour Street studio, please click here; a PDF with the same information can be downloaded here.

Canary Wharf Studio
To ensure social distancing there are a limited number of clients at the studio at any time. Currently we are running either one 1-hour 1.2.1 class (one client in the studio) or one 1-hour 3.2.1 class (3 clients in the studio) every hour in the Canary Wharf studio. To book your class please click here to email us.


I have been teaching Pilates in the UK for 45 years and I believe I have one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. It’s a constant joy to show people how, with a little hard work, they can achieve results they never dreamed possible.

Real results

The truth is that Pilates can really change your body.

Clients who have been plagued with back problems for years learn to strengthen weak muscles and correct their posture, helping them to avoid any recurrence of pain. Pregnant women come to the studio to keep their muscles toned and joints supple and they find it much easier to regain their figures after childbirth.

I work with people of all ages, some of whom are recovering from serious illness or injury. Pilates is hugely beneficial for anyone who has to perform in public so I see a lot of professional actors, singers, dancers and athletes but it is good for anyone who simply wants to stay flexible and strong.

Not just another method of getting fit

Pilates is a very precise, intelligent exercise system, where the message is ‘Quality, not Quantity’. It’s a way of learning how your body works that gives you the tools to improve your own posture, appearance and physical wellbeing.

Once they start, most clients are hooked for life because Pilates produces such great results.

Learn more about how Pilates can help you


Alan Herdman talks about Pilates training and the importance of posture. Video courtesy of Palace Gate.

The Guillotine Tower promotes whole body movement