If you would like to see how Pilates works, come and visit us. An instructor will show you around and explain the workings of the studio.

If you decide you would like to give it a try, you will be asked to fill out a form giving your medical history and details of any injuries and current treatments. If necessary, you will be asked to bring a letter from your GP or specialist before you start.

At the first session, your posture will be assessed by an instructor, who will point out any imbalances and asymmetrical aspects. You may be surprised by the faults they pick up, but don’t worry – we all have them at first. Fitter people will be challenged by the teacher, and all find it an enjoyable experience. Over the next few sessions, your instructor will show you the basics of the method and help you to develop an individual programme that works for your physique. Thereafter you will use the Pilates studio to do your own routine, under the constant supervision of the instructors.

Please feel free to come for a visit – find your local studio on our contact page.

For your first visit to Third Space, Canary Wharf:
• Please bring some picture ID for the concierge desk.
• Please come a few minutes early for your first session to complete our registration form and to discuss your goals with Pilates.
• If recovering from injury or if you have a medical condition, please bring a letter from your consultant.