The plain answer is ‘yes’.

If you have an injury or chronic complaint for which you’ve been receiving medical treatment, I will ask you to bring a letter from your doctor or physiotherapist outlining the problem, so that we can work hand in hand. No matter how severe the condition, there is always a way that Pilates can help. I have worked with amputees, clients who are wheelchair-bound, MS sufferers, and others who are partially paralysed after a stroke, as well as those recovering from surgery.

Pilates is especially beneficial for dancers. Many dance movements involve holding the body out of alignment, thus putting muscles and joints under strain, so dancers risk serious injury if they don’t take good care of themselves. Actors, singers and TV presenters have found the Pilates posture and breathing techniques help them to use their voices more effectively while they are working, and athletes can use Pilates to enhance their performance levels.

Pilates is ideal for relieving back problems in office workers, or those whose jobs require heavy lifting or repetitive movements. And I know there are some people who come to the studio simply because they want to look the very best they possibly can – which is fine by me!