Mat Class

In order to practice teaching mat classes in a real situation a weekly mat class of 60 minutes will be taught throughout the ten months. To introduce the students to the progression of exercises, from beginners to advanced, the initial classes will be taught by myself and the Program Tutor. Gradually the students will take turns in introducing the class and teaching the warm up. After a few months they will prepare and teach a full class. After each class there will be a very informal discussion supervised by a tutor about content, pace etc.



After a few months each student will be allocated one case study. These studies will be new to Pilates and will be chosen from different backgrounds. The student will teach ten classes to their study which will involve approximately 10 hours of teaching. A basic lesson plan will be presented at the start, and a detailed diary will kept during the duration of the study. During this case study all the equipment should be used, demonstrating safety issues, objectives, tactile and verbal cues, imageries and any necessary modifications.

The student will be asked to outline a progression up to 10 weeks to the level at which they have been trained in this course.
Once again all criteria will be looked at during the course, practised and explained in detail.

No student will be put in a situation that is unsafe for them or the client.

The number of hours each student is spending in the in the studio observing, practising, demonstrating and shadow teaching should make this exercise a natural progression in their training.

Reformer Exercises
Trapeze Table Exercises
The Chair
Ladder Barrel
Small Equipment
Planning and delivering Pilates Matwork and Studio Equipment Classes.
Common Ailments And Medical Conditions Requiring Special Attention